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Opening hours

  • Mon - Sun Permanent availability

Our Areas of Activity

1. Project Owner Assistance Service pole

A. Project Owner Assistance and Consulting

  • If the project owner does not have enough work experience to manage their  project, OMNI ETUDES may act as a delegated project manager by assisting the project owner and liaising between the project owner and the project manager. 
  • OMNI ETUDES offers its expertise in Project Owner Assistance to guide you through the execution of your development, renovation or technological integration projects. 
  • Our consultants and engineers assist the project owner at all stages of the project, from preliminary studies to completion.
  • OMNI ETUDES operates in various fields of engineering:
    • Ports & airports
    • Oil industry
    • Chemical industries
    • Mining industry
    • Energy
    • Manufacturing industries
    • Public and Commercial Building
    • Stadiums & Sports complex
    • Banks & administrations
    • Supermarkets & shopping centers
  • We handle :
    • Master plans
    • Feasibility studies
    • General studies
    • Preliminary studies
    • Technical and economic studies
    • Layout plans
    • Work design
    • Modelling and simulation
    • Process diagrams
    • Calculation notes
    • Material and equipment specification
    • Drawing up the CPS and consultation file

B. Scheduling, Monitoring and Coordination

The goal of Scheduling, Monitoring and Coordination is to promote collaboration with Architects, Technical Design Offices and companies to provide architectural, technical, economical and high-quality solutions to Project Owners.

These three core principles are divided into two main phases:


  • Coordination of all Architectural and Technical studies
  • Evaluation of corporate offers
  • Preparation of study plans
  • Preparation of construction site plans


  • Monitoring and coordination of all the trades involved on the construction site according to the schedule
  • Organizing and leading the building site’s meetings
  • Quality control of the work
  • Managing the site’s budget
  • Execution of preliminary acceptance operations
  • Managing the withdrawal of reservations prior to acceptance
  • Assistance during delivery

OMNI ETUDES has extensive experience in complex industrial project management both in Morocco and abroad.

Thanks to our project management system, production capacity, tools and know-how, we can assign teams to every project and meet even the most demanding needs, whether in terms of security, quality, deadlines or budget management.

We handle:

  • Quality plans, HSE plan
  • The supervision of the construction or development works
  • Cost, quality and schedule monitoring
  • Acceptance operations
  • Commissioning and Validation
  • Maintenance tips and advice

C. Consulting

Our consulting division assists clients directly with project management services (project director, project manager, planner, management controller, etc.) and technical engineering (electricity expert, HVAC expert, low current expert, etc.).

An attractive feature of our offer is our consulting team's continuous technical support throughout the investment and operating process.

  • Consulting services while defining the project
  • Consulting services on regulatory matters
  • Consulting services on reference systems, norms and standards
  • Technical assistance with choosing processes, materials and equipment
  • Assistance with selecting contractors and suppliers
  • Consulting services on project execution strategy
  • Consulting services on industrial security
  • Environmental consultancy

D. Training & Certification

  • OMNI ETUDES contributes to professional training through seminars and workshops directed at people working in the fields of energy, water and the environment
  • We design tailor-made services for SMEs, national-level businesses, local authorities, ministries and associations
  • Our firm adapts to the needs of your organization, develops personalized training courses adapted to your specific needs and challenges, and offers solutions suited to your professional situation
  • OMNI ETUDES guarantees effective results by using the best teaching approaches, including module evaluation by each participant. We draw up a summary report including the training plan, the participants' remarks and suggestions, and the evaluation of the session’s progress
  • OMNI ETUDES can take care of the logistics and organization (training rooms, accommodation, support) and delivers training certificates according to the specific needs of participants

2. Low Power pole

A. Electricity

  • Study & engineering of power lines and networks
  • Medium and low voltage industrial electricity
  • Dimensioning of the electrical installations in plants
  • Building general electricity

B. Public Address System

  • Engineering, acoustic processing and correction for recording studios, home cinema and conference rooms
  • Prescription of public address equipment and materials
  • Conference and wireless systems
  • Security sound system
  • Public address systems in public places (auditoriums, shops, hospitals, congress halls)
  • Dimensioning for the installation of sound broadcasting equipment in meeting rooms, party rooms, sports rooms, SPA, bars, clubs, lounges, home cinema, shops, etc.


  • Centralized integrated building management solutions and engineering
  • Complete lighting management and energy optimization solutions
  • Dimensioning of equipment systems (Elevators, HVAC and heating)
  • Dimensioning of safety and security systems (video protection, access control, fire detection, etc.)

D. Telephony

Engineering & Solutions for:

  • High-performance hosted IP telephony
  • Multisites with centralized IP / PRI
  • Call centers with call reporting software
  • IP telephony servers

E. Electronic Security and Safety

Engineering & Solutions for:

  • Video protection platforms
  • Monitoring & archiving solutions
  • Physical & electronic access control
  • Professional integrated security solutions
  • Global site security

F. Fire Protection and Smoke Extraction System

  • Automatic fire detection engineering and solutions 
  • Automatic fire-extinguishing engineering and solutions
  • Smoke extraction system engineering and solutions
  • Design of evacuation and contingency plans

3. Networks & Telecom pole

A. IT Solutions

  • Infrastructure (LAN, WAN, Wifi) engineering and solutions
  • Advanced IT engineering and solutions
  • Network and database administration
  • Firewall engineering and solutions

B. Network Infrastructures

  • All-technology mobile network engineering and solutions

C. Telecommunications

  • Telephone networks: integrated communication solutions (data, voice and video)
  • Dimensioning of optical fibre networks
  • Multi-site interconnection solutions
  • Complete telecom site design

D. Network Engineering & Installation

  • Determining what solutions must be implemented and preliminary project file
  • Management of the different network levels: infrastructure, fibre, copper, etc.
  • Dimensioning of the telecom network infrastructure
  • Transmission towers for telecommunications

E. Datacenter

  • Dimensioning of the data center infrastructure and equipment
  • Comprehensive project study (construction of data centers, fitting out of computer rooms, server rooms, IT rooms)
  • Datacenter maintenance monitoring: infrastructure and technical environment

4. Technology pole

A. Digitalization

Engineering & Solutions for:

  • Digital Technology Platforms
  • Automation & Blockchain
  • Data Analytics & Mobility
  • Consulting Services

B. IOT (Internet Of Things)

Engineering & Solutions for :

  • Connection management platform for IoT
  • IoT networking & IoT gateway
  • IoT connectivity management
  • IoT data management
  • IoT security

C. Artificial Intelligence

Engineering & Solutions for :

  • Critical infrastructure
  • Cyber AI platform
  • Cybersecurity
  • Utilities

D. Smart Cities

Engineering & Solutions for :

  • Smart home & smart building
  • Big Data platforms for governments

E. Traffic Management

Engineering & Solutions for :

  • Road traffic management
  • Intelligent parking solutions
  • Automatic vehicle counting
  • 3D traffic solutions
  • Intelligent road traffic management solutions
  • Speed cameras for traffic control / GPS tracking solutions
  • Mechanical access-control barriers

5. Urban pole

A. Design, Study & Execution

  • Study of landscaping and development of green spaces
  • Assessment of the technical and functional needs of public road networks, passageways, crossroads and roundabouts

B. Development Work

Engineering & dimensioning for :

  • Various networks: medium and low voltage, telecommunications, public and ambient lighting
  • Landscaping and development of green spaces
  • Development of tourist sites
  • Development of industrial zones
  • Landscaping integration of the facilities

C. Smart Buildings

Design & dimensioning for :

  • Intelligent KNX and Modbus home automation systems
  • Building automation
  • Video protection and access control
  • Smart lighting
  • Connected energy meter

D. Smart Cities

Engineering & dimensioning for :

  • Road traffic management
  • Intelligent parking management solutions
  • Automatic vehicle counting
  • 3D traffic solutions
  • Intelligent road traffic management solutions
  • Speed cameras for traffic control / GPS tracking solutions
  • Mechanical access-control barriers
  • Smart home & Smart Building
  • Big Data platform solutions for governments

E. Rural and Urban Development

Design & dimensioning for :

  • Various networks: medium and low voltage, telecommunications, public and ambient lighting
  • Network relocation

F. Buildings (industrial, housing, tourist, public)

  • Study of the technical development of industrial areas
  • Study of the technical development of tourist sites
  • Study of the technical development of administrative and public buildings

G. Automatic Fire Detection System

  • Automatic fire detection equipment solutions and dimensioning
  • Design of evacuation and contingency plans

H. Fire Safety Systems

  • Compartmentalization design
  • Smoke extraction design
  • Technical shutdown design

6. Airports pole

A. Lighting Systems

Engineering & solutions for :

  • Runway and taxiway lighting
  • Lights (approach, axial, lateral, taxiway)
  • Lighted signs, windsock, beacons

B. Airport Information and Display System

Engineering & solutions for :

  • Information display management
  • Statistical processing
  • Resource management system

C. Radar Detection

Engineering & solutions for :

  • Medium-range detection radar
  • Long-range detection radar
  • Radar-based airport perimeter protection
  • Long-range radar and thermal camera-based integrated solutions
  • Monitoring the maintenance of detection radars

D. Perimeter Protection and Security

Design & dimensioning for :

  • Mechanical perimeter protection systems
  • Electronic perimeter protection systems
  • Intrusion detection systems (sensors, optical fibre, etc.)
  • Video surveillance for perimeter protection
  • Supervision - Interfaces (centralized security system)
  • Perimeter intrusion detection radar
  • PIDS fibre optic integrated microsensor solutions
  • Integrated PIDS alarm management system
  • Centralized security systems

E. Airport Operations Services

  • Design and implementation of safety management systems
  • Airport Regulatory Compliance and Airport Certificates
  • Obstacle limitation surfaces
  • ICAO type A cards
  • Airside Self Inspection Safety Program
  • Airside Vehicle Use Program
  • Bird and wildlife risk assessments and management plans
  • Emergency response, rescue and aircraft firefighting services
  • Signposting of airport operations and the state of aircraft movement areas in the winter months

7. Ports pole

A. Navigation and Radiocommunication Equipment

Engineering and solutions for :

  • Navigation aids
  • Radiocommunication and recording systems
  • Control and monitoring systems for electrical boat lifts

B. Perimeter Protection & Security

Engineering & solutions for :

  • Mechanical perimeter protection systems
  • Electronic perimeter protection systems
  • Intrusion detection systems in the port area
  • Intrusion detection radar
  • Supervision, interfaces & centralized image display

C. Maritime Radar Detection System / Maritime Radar (VTS)

Engineering & solutions for :

  • Integrated surveillance solutions based on detection in the port area
  • Automatic radar detection of ships in ports

D. Study, technical assistance and project engineering relating to :​​​​​​ ​

  • Port organization & operation
  • Port terminal feasibility and business plan
  • Marine aids to navigation
  • Dimensioning & defining handling equipment
  • Handling equipment maintenance management


8. Oil & Gas pole

We assist our clients with bringing their sites into full compliance, from the security audit to implementing solutions.

We take care of:

  • Compliance audits
  • Checking the compliance of industrial installations with fire protection regulations and standards
  • Evaluating the potential risks associated with the sites’ activity
  • Devising risk management improvement programs
  • Safety engineering studies:
    • Study and technical & economical evaluation of solutions and compliance plans.
    • Development of fire fighting strategies
    • Monitoring of compliance work
  • Design and execution of:
    • Fire/gas detection systems
    • Water/foam networks
    • Sprinkler installations
    • ESD systems (Emergency Shut Downs)

A. Gas Leak Detection Systems: Flammable or Toxic Gases

Engineering & solutions for :

Flammable gases

  • Liquid and propane gas detectors
  • Portable flammable gas detectors
  • Complete stationary system for automatic gas leak detection with centralization
  • High-tech ultrasonic leak detectors
  • Calibration of flammable gas sensors

Toxic gases

  • Portable toxic gas detectors (chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, etc.)
  • Complete stationary system for toxic gas detection with centralization
  • Infrared explosion-proof gas detectors
  • Carbon dioxide detectors
  • Monitoring the calibration of toxic gas sensors

B. Fire and Gas Detection Systems for Oil and Gas Sites

Design & dimensioning of :

  • High-performance systems for the detection of toxic gases or flammable vapours on oil and gas sites
  • Stationary and automatic gas leak detection system with servo-controls

C. Fire Sprinkler Systems for Oil or Gas Sites

Design & dimensioning for :

  • Glass bulb and deluge sprinkler heads
  • All types of installations: wet & dry pipe/preaction/alternate
  • Servo-control by electro pumps or motor pumps group

D. Fire Extinguishers for Storage Tanks

Engineering & solutions for:

  • Automatic flame detection at the joints of floating-roof tanks
  • Automatic fire extinguishing at the joints of floating-roof tanks

E. Industrial Electricity

Design & dimensioning of :

  • Electric pumps and generators
  • Variable speed drives and soft starters
  • Metal fittings for electronic devices
  • Electrical apparatus and electrical works
  • Low-voltage switchgear cabinets, power distribution cabinets, automation and instrumentation cabinets
  • Indoor and outdoor lighting, emergency lighting
  • Prefabricated MV/LV substations

F. Industrial Instrumentation

  • Dimensioning of temperature, pressure, flow rate, hygrometry and pH measuring equipment
  • Engineering & Process control
  • Dimensioning of pneumatic and electro-pneumatic valves, cylinders and actuators, pressure and flow sensors, graphic recorders, controllers and programmers, pressure gauges and pressure switches

G. Revamping of Gas Sites and Refineries

  • Expertise in control command systems
  • Monitoring the maintenance of pneumatic and electro-pneumatic valves, cylinders and actuators, pressure and flow sensors, graphic recorders, controllers and programmers, pressure gauges and pressure switches
  • Monitoring the calibration and adjustment of temperature, pressure, flow or pH measuring equipment

H. Classroom Doors & Fire Doors & Securing of Premises

Design & dimensioning of :

  • Fire doors (steel/wood) (30, 60 and 120 min)
  • Firewalls or fire separation
  • Fire-resistant glazing
  • Caulking and thermal insulation

9. Industry pole

A. Control Command Systems

  • Design, Study of automatic systems
  • Upgrade of control command systems
  • Integrated control command systems
  • Evaluation and improvement of functional safety

B. Industrial Automation

  • Design of new automated systems (study, design and commissioning)
  • Design and improvement of production line processes
  • Automatic control, fault management, control loop, etc.
  • Integration of new equipment via communication buses

C. Sensor Design

  • Design of electronic cards and integrated circuits
  • Study and development of industrial equipment

D. Industrial Instrumentation

  • Study & dimensioning of measuring and control equipment
  • Modernization and upgrade of instruments
  • Monitoring of the calibration and adjustment of temperature, pressure and flow-measuring equipment

E. Process Engineering

  • Design and revamping of production and storage units
  • Design and development of process equipment

10. Hydromechanics pole

A. Fountains

  • Study of servo-controlled electric fountains
  • Electric fountain design
  • Monitoring of sound and lighting control
  • Pumping system and engine control

B. Pumping Solutions

  • Dimensioning of pressure-boosting equipment
  • Industry pumping equipment
  • Design of industrial water pumping systems
  • Monitoring of water pump installation services for the recreational and tourism sector
  • Inspection of water pumping systems using specialized cameras

C. Irrigation Solutions

  • Design and installation of irrigation equipment for green spaces
  • Irrigation and rural development
  • Monitoring the installation of irrigation equipment for green spaces
  • Design of pumping systems adapted to the irrigation of green spaces

D. Automation of Hydraulic Structures and Dams

  • Design and study of automatic systems for hydraulic structures
  • Modernization and upgrading of hydraulic instruments
  • Monitoring of the calibration and adjustment of measuring instruments installed on hydraulic structures

11. Energy pole

OMNI ETUDES Energy-saving

Study and consulting on how to improve energy efficiency.

This service is directed at companies looking to improve the energy efficiency of their plants and/or buildings. We offer:

A - Energy audit

The energy audit is based on several studies, thermal calculations and building and equipment analyses (technical, energy) to determine the solutions and means of saving energy.

  • On-site surveys and measurements, including the inspection and description of machines and premises
  • Diagnosis of installations based on the analysis of collected data
  • Proposing alternative renewable energies

B - Energy efficiency diagnosis

  • On-site surveys and measurements, including the inspection and description of machines and premises
  • Assessing energy balances (electricity, heating, ventilation, cooling, hot water and steam production, lighting, driving force)
  • Evaluating the energy efficiency of the various areas, machines and networks on the industrial site

C - Feasibility studies of technical and/or technological alternatives to reduce consumption and/or costs.

  • Assessing the various options for recovering energy
  • Assessing technological alternatives with better energy efficiency
  • Technical and economic evaluation of technics and/or technologies

D - Material & equipment requirements and establishment of the specifications for consultation files.
E - Technical and economic evaluation of energy-efficient alternatives

F - Feasibility study of energy supplies

This study aims to favour renewable energy sources and energy-efficient production systems, thus reducing waste and greenhouse gas emissions.

The following systems are of particular interest to us:

  • Solar heating systems
  • Photovoltaic solar panels
  • Wood or biomass heating systems
  • Wind-powered systems
  • Geothermal heat pumps
  • Condensing boilers
  • Combined heat and power systems
Solution d’infrastructure de réseau informatique Terrebonne

1. Renewable Energies

Limiting fossil fuels is an essential part of addressing the challenges of climate change and fluctuating energy prices. It is also a key factor in the strategy for rational building management.

As part of our continuous innovation process, we have developed technical expertise in renewable energies.

2. Solar Division :

A. Solar energy production

Engineering & solutions for :

  • Solar energy harvesting techniques
  • Solar and thermal panels
  • Photovoltaic solar energy
  • Thermodynamic solar energy

B. Solar lighting

Engineering & solutions for :

  • Solar streetlight/bollards
  • On-grid / off-grid solar energy systems
  • On-grid/off-grid photovoltaic solar panels
  • Foldable and flexible solar panels
  • Solar panel mounts and accessories
  • Solar charge controllers
  • Electronic daily programmers

C. Solar energy storage batteries

Design & dimensioning for :

  • Solar batteries storing energy produced by photovoltaic panels to ensure power supply in all circumstances (day or night, clear or overcast sky)
  • Solar panel or wind turbine batteries
  • Solar energy-powered pumping for irrigation

D. Energy efficiency, solar water heaters, solar lighting and LEDs

Design & dimensioning for :

  • Energy in all sectors: transport, industry, construction, agriculture
  • Design of low-energy buildings
  • Energy management information systems
  • IT-controlled energy consumption
  • Innovative heating, ventilation and air conditioning networks
  • Optimization of lighting in the home

3. Wind Division ​​​​:

Design & dimensioning for :

  • Horizontal and vertical wind turbines
  • Generators for wind turbines
  • Blades, hubs and noses for wind turbines
  • Spare parts for wind turbines
  • Masts and supports for wind turbines
  • Wind kits for remote sites

12. Environment pole

OMNI ETUDES Environmental Engineering

Focusing on the environment is an inherent part of any company’s strategy. It must anticipate technical and regulatory changes, manage constraints and seize opportunities.

OMNI ETUDES Engineering specializes in :

  • Environmental assessment of operating sites
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Technical and economic study and evaluation of solutions and compliance plans
  • Design and monitoring of:
    • Water treatment plants
    • Waste treatment plants
    • Industrial filtration systems
    • Remediation systems and techniques

1. Water Division :

A. Seawater Desalination Solutions

Design & dimensioning for :

  • Complete water analysis and treatment systems
  • Pumping, decanting, and filtering solutions
  • Desalination unit: distillation - reverse osmosis – electrodialysis
  • Sewage treatment units
  • Water distribution systems, interconnection and regulation

B. Water Production by Solar Energy

Design & dimensioning for :

  • Drinking water production and supply
  • Energy and productivity management system
  • Optimization and energy recovery of networks and facilities

C. Water Quality Management Systems (WQMS) and Analyzers

Design & dimensioning for :

  • Integrated osmosis pre-treatment and processing systems
  • Continuous analyzers for different water qualities:
    • Ultra-pure
    • Raw water, steam and condensate
    • Drinking water
    • Pool and cooling water
    • Wastewater
    • Continuous analyzers: pH, redox, conductivity, resistivity
    • Dissolved oxygen, chlorine, hydrogen
    • Turbidity, silica, sodium, phosphate
    • Nitrates, ammonium, TOC

D. Water Treatment Solutions

Design & dimensioning for :

  • Process and utility water treatment (filtration, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, etc.)
  • Pollution prevention using recycling units (evapo-concentration, ion exchange, membrane separation, etc.)
  • Purification of liquid effluents using physico-chemical, biological and thermal methods
  • Expertise in the operation of treatment facilities (diagnosis, water analyses, etc.)
  • Mixing and dosing equipment and instruments

2. Air Division

A. Air Quality Measurement Systems and Analyzers

Design & dimensioning for :

  • Fixed automated stations and Air Quality Monitoring Networks (AQMS)
  • Automatic analyzers and dust samplers TSP, PM10, PM2.5
  • Mobile laboratories
  • Data acquisition and processing software
  • Fixed and portable calibration systems
  • Zero air and ozone generators
  • Microsensors (for gas measurement)
  • Indoor air quality monitors

B. Systems and Analyzers for Measuring Industrial Air Emissions and Process Gases

Design & dimensioning for :

  • Continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS)
  • Gas analyzers
  • Dust and opacity analyzers
  • Portable gas analyzers
  • Flow measuring instruments
  • Exhaust gas sampling systems
  • Analyzer calibration systems
  • Process gas analyzers

3. Meteorology

Design & dimensioning for :

  • Fixed or portable weather stations
  • Meteorological sensors
  • Wind speed and direction
  • Air temperature and humidity
  • Solar radiation
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Rain gauge

4. HVAC Division (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning)

Design & dimensioning for :

  • HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air-Conditioning)
  • Adaptation of supply air
  • Exhaust air ducts
  • Installation of new cold and hot pipes
  • Combined heat and power (CHP) systems
  • Industrial boiler systems
  • Heat transfer and distribution stations

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