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Our Services

Project Management Assistance

If the project owner does not have enough work experience to manage their project, OMNI ETUDES may fulfil the role of delegated project manager by assisting the project owner and liaising between the project owner and the project manager. OMNI ETUDES offers its expertise in Project Owner Assistance to guide you through your project’s execution. Our consultants and engineers will assist the Project Owner at all stages of the project, from preliminary studies to completion.

Project Management

Whether during the preliminary study or work execution, OMNI ETUDES handles both Construction Management and Scheduling, Monitoring and Coordination.

Human Resources

OMNI ETUDES is a technical design office made up of a young and self-motivated multidisciplinary staff possessing high-level university training and several years of experience in various fields of national engineering:

Technical Design Office Montreal
  • Engineering & Safety and Security Solutions

Call on OMNI ETUDES for designing your safety and security systems.

Study, Design and Implementation

After studying your security needs, we will determine the system that needs implementing. Our services include monitoring the parameters and programming the various technical solutions. We will make sure your safety and security system functions correctly.

OMNI ETUDES aims to keep your installations in proper working conditions. In addition to technical solutions, we also offer high-quality sensitive equipment for various business sectors (airport, port, oil, gas, pharmaceutical industry, etc.).

We recommend state-of-the-art equipment.

Automation and Industrial IT Experts

Call on our services to install your perimeter intrusion alarm, automatic fire detection and gas leak detection systems.

As a technical design office specializing in electronic systems engineering, we can design specific sensors adapted to your needs.

We can ensure that your command and control systems receive the latest upgrades to maintain an optimum functionality level.

OMNI ETUDES provides high-quality Automation and Industrial IT solutions.

Technical Design Office Montreal
  • Engineering & IT Network Infrastructure Solutions

Our company is an expert in the implementation and complete integration of telecommunications infrastructures.

Advanced IT Solutions

We provide simple, reliable, and cost-effective IT solutions specially designed to meet your business needs. Take advantage of our expert advice and IT network engineering service (LAN, WAN, Wifi). Our services include:

  • Network and database administration
  • Monitoring the installation of data center infrastructure and equipment and virtualization
  • Software and hardware infrastructure configuration monitoring
  • IT equipment implementation and upgrade

We also offer fire detection solutions for data centers.

OMNI ETUDES engineers turnkey solutions.

All-Technology Mobile Network Infrastructures

Choose from the available 2G/3G/4G/5G mobile network infrastructures; we study how to optimize your telephone and fibre optic networks and offer integrated communications solutions (data, voice and video).

Take advantage of multi-site interconnection solutions. We handle the project study, as well as the monitoring of the construction of telecom sites and network infrastructures. Our services are available in the Middle East and Africa.

Hire our services for any telecommunications infrastructure projects.

Technical Design Office Montreal
  • Intrusion Alarm System Engineering and Solutions

Hire OMNI ETUDES for the engineering of your perimeter intrusion alarm systems.

Protect Yourself From Intruders With Our Solutions

Our company offers a range of alarm systems to protect your building against intruders. We design mechanical and electronic perimeter intrusion detection systems (PIDS) for the industrial and port sectors.

Call on our consulting services to install radars and intrusion detection systems (sensors, fibre optics, etc.). We also offer PIDS fibre optic integrated microsensor solutions.

We assist you in adopting effective protective measures.

Optimum protection guaranteed

Our team monitors the installation of alarm equipment to ensure optimal protection. You can rely on our expertise for the design of specific sensors adapted to your systems. We guarantee you high-performance and programmable electronic security solutions.

We also specialize in the dimensioning and installation of fire protection systems.

We design specific sensors adapted to your infrastructures.

Technical Design Office Montreal
  • Fire Protection Solutions

OMNI ETUDES is a technical design office specializing in fire safety solutions.


Talk to us about your fire safety requirements - we will conduct a feasibility study for your project. We monitor the setup and configuration of a range of technical solutions to ensure your systems work seamlessly.

Our solutions are specially designed for sensitive sites, industries, shopping malls, etc. Our service quality is renowned worldwide, including the Middle East and Africa.

OMNI ETUDES provides fire protection solutions.

Technical Design Office Montreal


Call on our services for the installation of fire detectors on your premises. We will engineer and monitor the installation, connection, activation and commissioning of your equipment. Thanks to our many years of experience in the field, we can guarantee the quality and long-lasting performance of your fire detection system.

We also specialize in road traffic management.

Our team guarantees your equipment is in perfect working condition.

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